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  • Jun 24,  · "Why not?!" Of course, Peterson has never made it a secret he wants to play a whole lot longer than most running backs ever do but four more years is a big goal even for him.
  • Nov 04,  · ‘Why not arrange a party in his honor?’ (This is a polite way of saying: I think we should arrange a party in his honor.) ‘Why not buy now and pay later?’ ‘Why not make it up with him?’ ‘Why not consult a specialist?’ ‘Why don’t ’ can be used in the same way. ‘Why don’t we arrange a party in his honor?’ (NOT Why.
  • Why not to use Magic Quotes.. Why not use Magic Quotes. What is the difference in meaning between these two ways of phrasing that sentence? To me the first sentence sounds like it tells the reader that there are good reasons not to use Magic Quotes (a programming feature) .
  • So why not let the computer decide when a ball is in play and keep time for us. If you're fishing for the first two species, why not try fishing with fly gear or lures. Well, why not pip along to The Orchard in Bishopthorpe for a squeeze of some lovely luscious plums, pears, apples and soft fruits.
  • Explore Why Not Quotes by authors including Donald Trump, George Carlin, and George Bernard Shaw at BrainyQuote.
  • May 12,  · Why some people embrace masks while others shun them is not just about government directives and medical advice - it's also about culture and history, a .
  • The only answer to the question Why. No matter what you say, you can always ask why. The only way to end it is by saying Why Not. Saying why after why not just doesn't make any sense!

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