I Cant Seem To Think - Mock Orange - Mind Is Not Brain (CD, Album)

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  • You can't think of past or present even if you want to. You can't come up with things to say in conversation, your memory is completely gone, and you are stuck in the same monotonous moment day in and day out. It's a horrible feeling for sure. The mind just seems blank, dull, foggy, stuck, and overall just useless. It feels horrible.
  • This book covers a lot of ground. There are things that we commonly think of as being brain related, like head injuries, head aches and changes in our capacity to think and work, but also things we might not so readily associate with our brain, like allergies, body aches and pains, and hormone issues.
  • Jul 15,  · Hello, So appx 16 months ago, I had a really bad experience on ecstasy. I used about 8 times in 4 1/2 months, about 2 weeks apart each time averaging pills. During my last two experiences, I was dealing with some emotional issues with .
  • A couple days ago I saw the Monophonics on their tour at a small venue in Phoenix, AZ. and was completely mind blown by the hour show. They are without a doubt my favorite band now. I'm looking forward to purchasing "In Your Brain" as well as the brand new album "Sound of Sinning" on wax.
  • Mock Orange found me at just the right time. In , I was a junior in high school who listened to the typical skate punk. My favorite band was Lagwagon, and my search for new bands ended at the Fat Wreck and Punk-O-Rama compilations. Yuck it up, I don't mind. But then, I was introduced to a ba.
  • Mock Orange may not add anything new to the indie rock mix, but they certainly know how to make a very good album. Every song on "Mind Is Not Brain" is good, and although there aren't any new ideas here you'll still like it a lot. The singer is pretty pleasant and enjoyable which helps its appeal - most people will like him/5(10).
  • Jun 29,  · I'm having a blank mind for over 9 months now, there is absolutely no thought popping into my head. Is that a symptom of Depersonalisation? I also have to battle with emotional numbness, it feels like I can't feel any emotion anymore. Neither listening to music, nor playing with my dogs, nor looking at my girlfriend, gives me any emotions anymore.
  • Human mind is the multifunctional organ whose capabilities are still an area of research. It would be inappropriate to suggest that your brain isn't cooperating with you. You might not be getting the desired results, but that's because you aren't.
  • Mind Is Not Brain is the sixth album by Mock Orange, released in July through Silverthree Sound Recordings. This album became a cornerstone in their career, marking a stylistic evolution from their early punk/emo sound, into more of a country/folk sound.

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