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  • Doodlin' Lyrics: Usin' the phone booth / Makin' a few calls / Doodlin' weird things / Usin' the booth walls / Got me a big date / Waitin' for my chick / Puttin' my face on / So she could look slick.
  • Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! Usin' the phone booth, Makin' a few calls, Doodlin' weird things, Usin' the booth walls. Got me a big date, Waitin' for my chick, Puttin' my face on, So she could look slick, I enjoy procrastinating 'Cause I'm busy while I'm waiting, Doodlin' away, doodlin away Sittin' and dinin' (dining) Dinner beginnin', Started designin' Usin.
  • Doodlin’ Records is the newest component to my ‘doodlin’ activities’. This is a record label that I started in It has allowed me to focus attention on jazz organ combos and related music. New recording sessions as well as re-issues and compilations are continually being considered.
  • Just Doodlin Designs is your one stop shop for everything from custom tumblers and gifts, digital downloads, sublimation art, cut files and business branding. We LOVE design and hope it shows!
  • Doodlin' away, doodlin' away. Doctor was real nice, Told me to be cool, Looked at the waiter, Called him the real fool, Looked at my baby Told me he dug her, Got me to doodlin', So he could bug her, When he put his arms around her, Quite to his surprise he found her, Doodlin' away, doodlin.
  • verb (used with or without object), doo·dled, doo·dling. to draw or scribble idly: He doodled during the whole lecture. to waste (time) in aimless or foolish activity. Dialect. to deceive; cheat.
  • Doolin is a vibrant place full of characters, stories and experiences and is home to some of the region’s best accommodation, eateries and beautiful local shops. The people of Doolin are passionate about their community and look forward to welcoming you with open arms.
  • The Dutch Treat frame is a practical working frame for perforated paper. It is designed to be used on the lap or table so that projects will be kept clean and free of kinks. The only thing you have to hold is your needle, because the frame sets on your thighs, a table, or propped on the arm of your chair.
  • Doodlin'が生配信でお応えします。ご存知だと思いますが、無いジャンルは全く無いし、肌の色に制限があります。でも、あればかけます。Doodlinにありそうなものでお願いします。リクエストは曲単位、何のアルバムの何という曲かでお答えください。/5(24).

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