Real Friends - Ground Round - Memories Better Left Behind (Vinyl)

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  • In fact, there are things you can do with your best friends that you can never do with anyone else. Your best friends won’t care if you look or act silly, because chances are, they are doing it too. Here are 15 of the most unforgettable moments that can only be shared by best friends. 1. The Moment when You Say “I Love You” Just Before.
  • Wonderful memories she left behind. – We miss her love and cheery ways – With her, we spent our happiest days. In memory, we see her just the same – As long as we live we cherish her name. If we could only speak to her And hold her loving hand – No matter what we said or did I know she’d understand. – Sadly missed along life’s way.
  • Mar 26,  · Ground Round (Great Pop Punk from Santa Rosa - think Crimpshrine, old green day) Ground Round - Memories Better Left Behind Hooker - We were called Hooker (Zach & Scott from ShortRound, Lenny from Gun Pro, Roger from Outclass) Hooker - We were called Hooker Hoogendoorns (77 Style punk rock meets crimpshrine) Hoogendoorns - Some Cheap Gordon (Demo).
  • Fans awaiting an LP from pop-punk band Real Friends will have to wait longer, since the Illinois quintet's 5th release 'Put Yourself Back Together' is yet another EP. Stretching out to 7 tracks, this isn't a great deal different to 's 'Everyone That Dragged You Here', with passionately sung energetic pop-punk the order of the day.
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  • Real Friends show off some of their best work acoustically on this summertime EP. Great to both cry and smile to due to the lyrical content, but also due to the vibes given off. Since this is an EP, heres a track by track breakdown/review/5(4).
  • A selection of images and sounds from a long and celebratory day of broadcasting from the BBC on VE Day Your memories. I was eight years old living in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland and.
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