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  • A word or phrase used to refer to the second person formal “usted” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g. usted). (formal) (singular) I can call you tomorrow morning.
  • Can I call you? 1. A request to call someone at a later time. I'm about to go into a meeting now, so can I call you after? 2. A request to call someone that one is romantically interested in (as for a date). I really enjoyed spending time with you today—can I call you sometime? See also: call, can Could I call you? 1. I am too busy to talk to you now.
  • Note: If you're on a Android device that can't make calls, follow the instructions for dialing in: Dial one of the numbers provided. Enter your meeting ID, followed by #. Enter your participant ID, followed by #. Tap Back after dialing in. If you joined computer audio automatically, you can leave the computer audio and join by phone: Tap More.
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  • When can I call you. does it make sense? Shall I use this for formal talk? Please help me as I have used the same sentence when I called HR. Need your input on this.
  • From your Calls list select the new call button.; Select all the participants you want to call. Select the Call button. Note: For any group calls with more than 25 participants, they will be akikuscofymdagdathis.xyzinfo group will receive a notification that the call has started and can select the Join Call button when they're ready.
  • I think we've reached a point where I can call you Viv and leave out the "ica". Je pense qu'on a passé un cap, je peux t'appeler Viv, maintenant. If now is a bad time, I can call you later.
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