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  • Chill out (sometimes also chillout, chill-out, or simply chill), a term derived from a slang injunction to relax, emerged in the early and mids as a catch-all term for various styles of relatively mellow, slow-tempo music made by contemporary producers in the electronic music scene; there exists a misconception on akikuscofymdagdathis.xyzinfo that all music that isn't relatively hard on the ears can be termed chill or chillout.
  • Shut up, relax, calm dowm. I keep showing this guy all the stats about police militarization and botched no-knock raids, but he doesn't even care.
  • Highlights: Das durch Santana ziemlich latin-geprägte Titelstück "Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)", das exzellente "Annie Mae", sowie der alkoholgetränkte Kneipensong "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer". Dieses Album erhielt seinerzeit völlig zurecht einen Grammy-Award als /5(39).
  • Define chill out. chill out synonyms, chill out pronunciation, chill out translation, English dictionary definition of chill out. vb to relax, esp after energetic dancing or a spell of hard work adj suitable for relaxation after energetic dancing or hard work: a chill-out area;.
  • Feb 16,  · Chill Out turned those same techniques toward different ends: gentler, stranger, more psychedelic—a nebulous fog in which the source material flickered like a lenticular image/
  • Feb 07,  · This New Chillout Mix with smooth and relaxed summer sounds is perfect for cafe, bar, chill out, beach and enjoy your life! Also you can hear .
  • Calm down or relax, as in Don't let it bother you-just chill out, or Rex decided to come home and chill out for a while. [Slang; s.] Also see cool it.
  • Selected Chill, Deep and Tropical House Tunes for Love, Fun and Relax. From Miami to Ibiza. New mixes uploaded weekly! Turn on the '🔔' to get notifications f.

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